Social Work Theory Cards 2nd Edition in Pink

Social Work Theory Cards 2nd Edition in Pink


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Special Edition in Pink - This is the second edition of the Social Work Theory Cards, an update pack is available for those wishing to bring their first edition set up to date. The first edition contained 88 cards and the new second edition now contains 101 cards plus a rewritten improved booklet explaining how to use the cards. if you buy this set you do not need the update pack as the new cards are already included. Ask a student or even a qualified social worker the question “what theory are you using?” and you very often see that, well recognised, terrified rabbit in the headlights look. Theory and its relationship with practice is a vital aspect of professional learning and development at all stages of a social worker’s career. These cards provide a new and exciting opportunity to use more creative techniques when exploring theory and practice with both students and qualified staff. Every practice educator and indeed every social work team, should have a set of social work theory cards. The card set contains an explanatory booklet with lots of ideas about how to use the cards, but the possibilities are limitless. Siobhan Maclean is an independent practice educator. She has worked with more than 200 students. Siobhan has a particular interest in making social work theory accessible and has co-authored a number of texts on theory and practice. This card set develops on Siobhan’s years of experience of using creative methods to break down the social work theory “fear factor”.

101 Pink Cards


Plastic Storage Box

ISBN 978-1912130009