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This workbook will support social workers working towards the National Assessment and Accreditation System (NAAS). It was developed following a request from the Children and Families Principal Social Worker Network, with support from the Department for Education. It is designed to be written in and might be used to form part of an employer endorsement. The Knowledge and Skills Statement for Child and Family Practitioners (the KSS) specifies ten aspects of practice that social workers need to demonstrate. This workbook contains a chapter on each aspect of practice, encouraging the reader to reflect on their strengths and development needs in each area covered by the KSS. As the reader works through the workbook, they are encouraged to gather feedback and to think about their own continuing development. As such, it might also be used by social workers at various stages of practice. Specifically, newly qualified workers might find this a useful resource as they work towards their ASYE. The workbook contains a range of voices, drawn from both people with lived experience and people with a professional background. A range of examples of good practice are highlighted to encourage the reader to think beyond their own team to wider social work practice. The NAAS is about embedding best social work practice a cross the workforce. This workbook is designed to support that aim.

ISBN - 978-1-912130-61-0 The Spiral Bind Edition

ISBN - 978-1-912130-60-3 The E Book Version

325 pages